3 Miles Long, 66 Feet Wide

by Black Devils Brigade

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Album recorded at Chalet Recording Studios in Pickering, Ontario


released March 5, 2011

Co-produced, recorded & mixed by Theo Posthumus
Second Engineer, Steve Andrews
Mastered by Stephen Stepaniac @ Joao Carvalho Mastering



all rights reserved


Black Devils Brigade Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Raised By Wolves
I am a killer of men by trade
Nobody dies then nobody gets paid
No women
No kids
That's the only rule there is

Before I was born my mother had a dream
In a fever she despaired at the sight of me
St. John the Baptist condemned my soul to hell
She awoke her water broken all over the sheets

Stoolpigeon I think you might (Tell me)
who done my baby last Saturday night
Who gave her the black eye
Who cut her throat
Who dumped her in the weeds and left her to die

Daddy left when I was small
Mommy died when I was 4
I was raised by wolves until the age of 24
They taught me to hunt
And they pointed me west
They gave me a gun
and my daddy's address

Don't try to save my soul
I was built to make bullet holes
You've got the dollars
I've got the guns
God put me here to make bodies cold

I took the gun out of his mouth
I said "the flames will get you if you don't bleed out"
He said "Please I have a wife and kids"
I said "You mean had. I broke the only rule there is"
Track Name: The Fire Code
Single shot flint lock
Makes a name
Daggers and slap box
Leaves a stain
High noon’s romantic
Resting in a frame
Rooster‘s running his mouth off
Cut throat and drain

Now you’re standing alone
With a dead man’s chain
Black winds are rising up
From those southern states
Best served cold
We like it freezing
The Fire Code
Best served cold
We like it freezing
The Fire Code

Late were the park lights
Couldn’t save her
Church bells or sirens
Conditioned saviour
Watch me and you
A fondled neighbor
St Mike he’s fading
You better save your prayers

Closed casket hideaway
He’s bruised and he’s battered
1000 candle visual
Rest within, rest within the layers
Better lay your flowers
Better lay your wreath
Better shed those tears for
Those memories
Better lay your flowers
Better lay your wreath
Better shed those tears for
Those memories
Track Name: Gemini
Coiled up around you
Lying under tree
Scales are marked
Pretty patterns
Hard to grasp
How slippery
Your sun soaked rocks
Your sun soaked rocks
Turns your blood
From cold to warm
From cold to warm
From cold to warm

And you
you’d rather guard your shrine
My forked tongue seems so torn

I feel the itch
Called on old scratch
I shed my clothing
Self ingest my sweet poison
I’m searching for
Caught chasing my own tail
Fearful of Montresor's revenge

Gemini with four tongues
Your staring in my nightmare

Slithering round admiring
Your body would go cold
So old, so old
Marble orchards
Your truth lies rejected
What else was?
What else was?

And you
You’d rather guard your shrine
My fork tongue seems so torn

Gemini with four tongues
Gemini with four tongues
Gemini with four tongues
Gemini with four tongues
Track Name: Burgundy Bound
She was a Son of England
I saw the black and white
Father’s name was Johnny
Wiped the war from his sight
She wears a perm and a jade ring
But her memory took a flight
I wonder if she’ll remember me
Remember me tonight

She greeted me by a different name
And asked about my grades
I graduated years ago
Rather not explain

“Your brother he’s in Hollywood”
“But mom only had one son”
“Your sister’s getting big now,
Have you figured where the ducks gone?”
Confused by the question
What have my drugs done?
“Maybe they flew south where it’s warm,
And the snow amounts to none.”

She asked “How’s your Jane?
How’s your Sally?
One or the other, If you had to choose,
The pain is safe with me.”
My reply was silent
Eyes climbing the wall
No answers to be found, I guess I’ll play along
“Sweet Jane!!” says it all

A hole in the water tower
Causes an empty tissue box
She said “growing old is phony.”
Pointing to her grey locks

Last memory was of Johnny
“He past when I was 47,
Oh no, I’m getting confused again
He was shot on 72nd.”

Under the lamp shade, burgundy bound
Sitting on the sidewalk, burgundy bound